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Compost Testing Service



  • $15000

Compost varies a great deal more than most growers and composters alike realise.

The difference in dollar terms may not vary a great deal on a per ton or m3 basis, however on a value received basis on quality, it may vary unto 400%. 

What does this mean?

A great compost can achieve better results with 12 tons/ha as the worst ones using 40 tons. If they cost a similar amount you can guess which one you should buy!

However don't take the composters word for it, they do not know what your soil needs and they likely do not know how their compost stacks up against the competition.

By using the Biologix compost reporting system, you will avoid buying inferior compost and in the process save significant dollars and get much better results from your compost purchase.

If the supplier has current and complete data on their compost you can simply submit that report for us to analyse the data.

We will supply you with a report that will provide ideal levels and comparisons against other composts suppliers, so you can see of yourself the value of what is on offer.

If you want to get a suppliers or your own compost tested independently download this form and submit this along with the sample to Eurofins. 

We can also include the actual compost nutrient levels in your soil and crop programs, so it will identify where you can reduce solid fertiliser requirements more accurately. 

The costs are as follows + GST:

Eurofins Lab Costs: Charged direct by Eurofins

Basic Compost: $109.50

Comprehensive Compost incl Heavy Metals $154.55

Biologix Reporting Costs:

Comprehensive report $150


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