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Horti-Tech Products

The Horti-Tech products are designed to meet the biological and nutritional requirements of your plants and the soil system. While healthy soil can maintain an acceptable level of activity, soils with low biological levels must be stimulated to support profitable growing systems. Each recipe contains a wide range of beneficial microbes. Nitrogen Fixers, phosphate solubilises, cellulose digesters. They all contain the carbon and other foods sources and nutrients that are required to make these beneficial species thrive as well as three species of kelp. The HT Foliar Protect is also a very effective frost control product giving at least 1 month protection from frost damage down as low at -8deg C after each application. The protection is obtained within a few hours of spraying. The HT Soil and Root Boost also contains silicon in its recipe which is a critical nutrient mostly left out of conventional programs. The higher recommended rates are for poor soil and leaf results, the lower rates are achievable when simple maintenance of a healthy system is required. All the other products listed are compatible with the Horti-Tech Products.