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About Us

At Biologix NZ, we're dedicated to supporting agricultural and horticultural enterprises by providing education, advice, products, services, and solutions that enhance productivity, profitability, and sustainability. We specialise in soil and leaf analysis and use our decades of experience and the latest scientific research to understand and improve plant health and productivity. Our approach is simple - we eliminate harmful practices and use only beneficial methods to stimulate soil and plant systems.

Our team has expertise in growing a vast range of crops and can help farmers and growers with any soil type or growing system. We offer the most comprehensive soil and leaf analysis and agronomy reporting available worldwide, often at no extra cost to what you're already spending. Our primary focus is finding the most cost-effective solutions for improving plant health and productivity, rather than just selling fertilizers. We aim to design a program that reduces your long-term input costs while enhancing crop yield from the first year.

We believe that the soil has an incredible ability to regenerate if given the right conditions. That's why we strive to give it half a chance by providing farmers and growers with the tools they need to fire up their soil system. Choose Biologix NZ for expert advice, proven results, and a sustainable future for your agricultural or horticultural enterprise.