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Home Garden

Biologix Home Garden "created by nature, designed to nurture"

Biologix is all about working with nature to solve your gardens problems and grow healthy pest free plants.

Nobody wants to use chemicals, but most of the time no one offers an alternative.

Our teams years of experience and the ever growing understanding of how nature actually works has allowed us to offer this in a unique range of products.

The Garden products that we create are designed to use the tools nature has designed like fungi that feed on insect pests but not the beneficial ones. Bacteria that feed the plant nitrogen, as nature intended they get from the air and microbes in the soil, not from a bag. Mycorrhiza along with many other species of fungi and bacteria all required by the plants to reach their optimum health.

It is not possible to put it all in one bottle, but we pack as many different ingredients in each one all with the support of beneficial microbes that do all the hard work for you. They contain varying levels of kelp, humates, fish, and nutrients as well, to completely support every plant function and to support the microbial life they need.