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Nutri-Life BAM

Video of Graeme Sait of Nutri-Tech Solutions explaining the benefits of this product.


  • Increase nutrient solubilisation.
  • Improve root development and function.
  • Fix atmospheric nitrogen.
  • Improve crop resilience.
  • Bio-balancing blen
  • Produce superior compost in fraction of the usual time.
  • Populate root zones and leaf surfaces with beneficial species
  • Increase nutrient availability.
  • Improve plant resilience.
  • Build crop yields and quality by soil and foliar application.
  • Treat stagnant manure ponds.
  • Revive septic systems.


Horticulture, Ornamentals & Turf: 300 mL – 1 L per 100 L of water up to 7 L/ha, weekly or as required.

Broadacre Crops & Pasture: 300 mL – 5 L in a minimum of 70 L of water, as required.

Spot Spraying: 30 – 50 mL per 10 L of water, as required. Fertigation:

Horticulture, Ornamentals and Turf: 5 – 30 L/ha, weekly or as required.

Dilute 1:500 with water and thoroughly wet foliage, stem/trunk beyond the point of run-off to include a root zone soak. Repeat monthly or as required.

Compost Addition:

1 L per m3. Dilute with water and distribute evenly throughout compost pile (e.g. apply a little to each layer as compost pile is built). Cover compost heap with a secure tarp or similar to create anaerobic conditions. Turn compost at 2 weeks and again at 3 weeks.

Seed Treatment:

5 L/tonne of seed. Mix with sufficient water for good coverage. Include with Seed-StartTM at recommended rates for best results (total mixture should not exceed 12 L/tonne of seed).

Effluent Ponds:

200 – 1000 L depending on pond size and condition. If possible, split the application and apply at multiple points around the periphery of the pond.

Septic Treatment:

125 mL down the toilet once a month.


Shake or stir well before use. Do not exceed 1:10 dilution, i.e. 1 L per 10 L of water. Sensitive foliage
or plants should be test sprayed prior to full scale application. Contains live organisms. Do not mix
with fungicides/bactericides, toxic chemicals or soil fumigants. Sanitise spray tank before application. All microbial products should be added to the tank last after all other inputs have been diluted. Ideally, apply in the late afternoon. Do not exceed 60 psi. Wash hands after use. Compatibility and/or performance cannot be guaranteed when combined with other products. Jar test for compatibility and spray test on small area before widespread use.

Ensure compliance with your quality assurance code of practice regarding the use of microbial products before use.

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