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Product Details
  • Everything in one box to support your plants health and nutrition in 4 easy to follow steps.
  • Enough product to cover 200-400 m2 of garden beds. 
  • Helps protect your plants, from pest and disease as well as feed them. 
  • The products are completely natural and non toxic ingredients.
  • Created by Nature and Designed to Nurture.
  • Each product contains billions of beneficial microbes. 
  • These microbes are vital to support the plants immune system, feed the plant as well as fight off pest and disease that attack your plants daily
  • The kit is designed to be completely recycled by a refill option. 
  • A refill option costing $59.95 is available if you send back the empty Kit for us to refill.
  • Kits can be returned to Biologix 10 Opawa Street, Blenheim 7201


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