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Dominate-F™ (available as a 5 & 20L) is used with Nutri-Life Micro-Force for brewing together with LMF (Liquid Microbe Food)

Brewing Instructions:

All brewing equipment must be thoroughly cleaned before and after use (e.g. using Path-X™ at 100 mL/10 L). When using potentially contaminated water sources (e.g. dam water) treat water first using bleach (4% available chlorine) at a rate of 50 mL per 100 L of water. Proportional amounts of bleach will be required if the available chlorine % varies. Aerate for at least one (1) hour, until the smell of chlorine dissipates. Fungi Dominated: For each 100 L of water in the brewer add 1 L of LMF™ (Liquid Microbe Food) plus 1 L of Dominate-F™, followed by 50 g of Nutri-Life Micro-Force™ (sprinkling product over the surface and allowing agitation to mix). Brew with aeration and agitation for 18 – 24 hrs* at 20 – 30ºC. Ideally apply as soon as possible after brewing, however use of Dominate-F™ will increase the stability of the brew for up to 2 weeks. *Brews may require longer in cooler conditions. Monitor the brew closely. Heavy frothing is a sign of completion of a bacterial dominated brew and the brewer can now be turned off. Fungal brews should show minimal frothing. Ensure compliance with your quality assurance code of practice regarding the use of microbial products before use.

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