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Leaf Analysis Reporting Service



  • $5000

Biologix offer the most comprehensive leaf analysis available in NZ..

To access this service you need to download this form and send it off to Eurofins with your leaf samples.

The lab costs from Eurofins will be charged direct to you at cost. 

Our agronomy service will process the lab data, and give you a written report along with a crop / pasture program and fertiliser recipe, independent of fertiliser company influence.  

The cost of this service is $50 per leaf sample plus lab costs to be invoiced direct by Eurofins 

Important Note: the best results come from leaf analysis when the correct leaves are chosen for the sample. The ideal results, that we must compare the lab results, so we can tell what is deficient, are tested on a specific age and location of leaves. This can vary between plant species. A single species should be chosen to sample for nutrient analysis. Multiple species samples are only useful to analysis for feed value, i.e pasture. Leaf samples need to be clean and free of any soil or mud, as this will negatively affect the results. 

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