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Soft Rock Phosphate



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Soft Rock Phosphate

Full season phosphate supply without the lockups.

NTS Soft Rock™ is a bio-friendly, colloidal clay-based calcium phosphate that can never lock up, in stark contrast to all other phosphate sources. This exceptional fertiliser includes 8 – 9% phosphorus, 19.3% calcium, a high analysis of silicon and a rich lode of trace elements. A microbe friendly bio-phosphate, which is an integral part of our soil regeneration program. This is one of the few phosphate sources that do not have problems with high levels of the heavy metal cadmium.


    • ACO and BIOGRO certified.
    • All elements are in colloidal form. This provides ongoing plant-availability and ensures that none of the component elements can ever become locked up.
    • Processed phosphate fertilisers can contain high levels of the heavy metal, cadmium. NTS Soft Rock™ is an unprocessed phosphate – an ideal alternative for minimising this environmental and health problem.
    • Exceptional trace element levels.
    • Helps re-mineralise soils.
    • Colloidal minerals provide health benefits to soil microbes.
    • Colloidal calcium component (approx. 20%) is much more plant available than limestone.
    • High in silicon. Research suggests increased brix levels in plants are related to the presence of silica.


    Calcium (Ca) (as phosphate) page2image3365672384 page2image3365672832 page2image336567328019.3%

    Silicon (Si) page2image3365675856 page2image3365676304 page2image3365676816               15 – 26%

    Total Phosphorus (P) (as calcium phosphates) 8 – 9%

    Phosphorus (citrate insoluble) page2image3365687552 page2image3365688064         page2image33656885127.2 – 8.2%




    200 kg to 1.5 tonne per hectare

    Home Gardens:

    Use 1.25 kg per 10 m2

    page2image3365764848 page2image3365765136 page2image3365765680 page2image3365765872 page2image3365766160 page2image3365766448 page2image3365766736 page2image3365767024 page2image3365767312 page2image3365767600 page2image3365767888 page2image3365768176 page2image3365768464 page2image3365768752 page2image3365769040


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