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Biologix offer a very comprehensive and independent soil and leaf analysis.

The protocol set that we have chosen is designed to give the a complete nutrient report on your soil.

To access our service you need to download this form and send it off to Eurofins with your soil and or leaf samples.

The lab costs from Eurofins will be charged direct to you at cost. 

Our agronomy service will process the lab data, and give you a written report on this along with a crop / pasture program and fertiliser recipe that you may require.  

The cost of this service is $200 per soil sample

How to collect your soil samples:

  • Divide your property into LMU (land management units) grouping similar areas together.
  • With a clean soil probe, or spade collect sample to a depth of 150mm, remove a uniform slice/section 30-40mm wide from sample and place in clean bucket. (remove grass, roots and worms from sample)
  • You need 15-20 samples per LMU, taken evenly over the area.
  • Mix thoroughly each LMU sample in clean bucket, use gloves if handling soil to avoid contaminating the sample.
  • Place 450gm of mixed soil from LMU into sample bag. Discard the remaining soil.
  • Label with your name, date, crop (Genus & Species) & LMU on the outside of the sample bag.
  • Repeat for each LMU.

How to collect your leaf samples:

  • Using the same LMU (land management units) from your Soil samples.
  • Collect sample leaves from you crop, dividing species into separate plastic sample bags. Use gloves when handling the leaves, to avoid contaminating the sample
  • You will need a sample bag full for each species sampled per LMU.
  • Label with your name, date, crop and LMU on the outside of the sample bag
  • Repeat for each LMU."

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