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Step 4 Protect

This is Step 4 of our 4 step gardening system. 

Protect is a unique combination of plant nutrients and beneficial microbes providing immune support to protect your precious plants.

This unique group of beneficial microbes also provide Frost protection for most crops. 

A little know fact is that ice particles form around a nucleus and that nucleus is most often bacteria. We use a beneficial group of organisms that out compete these Ice nucleating bacteria, and this is very effective at reducing virtually all frost damage from crops. It has proven more effective than wind, water or frost cloth as these rely on altering the temperature not the cause of the frost damage.

To show you how ice forms there is a clever little clip showing chilled but unfrozen pure water that they add these Ice nucleating bacteria too, watch here

Instructions on use:

  • Invert container several times before use
  • Dilute 10:1 and spray onto foliage with a fine mist.
  • Covers approximately 200m2 Alternate weekly with Step 3 for a complete plant health program.

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