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Understanding the complex system that is our Soil.

Posted by Daniel Schuurman on

For a generation now many of our soils and farms have been managed without a real understanding of what soil really is or the role it plays. The Soil is the basis of all agriculture. The soil is a system of Chemistry and Biology that work together to feed every living thing on it. It is also part of a larger system that is our planet, so in its own way, it contributes to our weather patterns as much as the seas around us. You can't look at one part of a system such as the chemistry and alter that thinking that you have fixed a system if you don't understand the impact that you have on the Biology in that system. More often than not this is what happens, with fertilisers, when being applied on the basis of limiting factors. Biologix understands the soil system, so we work in a programmed approach to get you the best results. When programs are formed from several individuals and not designed as a whole, often one input is negative to another, because the system is not being considered as a whole. When you see the power the soil has to generate your nutrition requirements you start to understand where we have been misled for the last 50-60 years. Biologix provides the farmer with the tools they need to fire that soil system up again. It takes the best-proven science and combines this with proven results in the field to create a true understanding of what drives plant health and productivity. Simply stated we remove what’s harmful and only use what’s beneficial to the soil system.” In our team, we have many decades of experience with growing a huge range of crops. We can help with the production of any crop that you may grow and in any soil type. We offer soil and leaf analysis and agronomy reporting that is the most comprehensive available in the world today. Often the cost of this service is no more than what you are already spending. Unlike a fertiliser salesman, our goal is to find you most cost-effective solutions to improving plant health and productivity. Our goal is to design a program for you that reduces your inputs long term, yet improves your crop from the first year. The soil has an amazing ability to regenerate if you give it half a chance.

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