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Posted by Daniel Schuurman on

I know that at Biologix we share a lot of articles about the problems with the conventional farming systems, but I really hope that we also get the message across that we are here to help with the solutions also.

Every year we work with new farmers and growers that want to move away from the conventional chemical, artificial fertiliser based systems. Every year we hear back from the existing customers that are amazed at the continued improvement in their soils and their results, even 5 years on.

We are growers also, and we follow the biological principles, not because we are blind to the conventional,  because we have seen the results first hand. We used to grow with all the chemistry and poisons, because like most growers, we were taught this way and knew no other. When the chemicals started failing no matter what new and incredibly expensive ones we tried, we started to look for other options. 

It was through our own experience that we found results that we didn't know were possible before. We removed all use of pesticides to ensure our beneficial microbes we were trying would have the best chance possible. The results that came were startling. It was no easy task to break decades of learnt behaviour, and we had plenty of issues learning how to find our way.

These first stage difficulties we endured can be avoided by using our hard earned experience to create programs for your farm or growing operations. We have added to this initial experience through years of working with crops of every sort all over NZ and around the world. 

We work to simplify the solutions and improve the results all the time, so why not call us in for a chat and see what we can do for your agribusiness. 

Regards Daniel & Vicki Schuurman

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