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Christopher Columbus identified four crops which he considered indispensable for human survival and well-being – grapes, olives, wheat and aloe vera.

Aloe vera is a powerful botanical activator and plant growth promotant that increases phytoalexin production and improves overall plant health. Aloe-Tech™ is a whole-leaf aloe vera concentrate (500% stronger than standard aloe extracts). Research suggests that Aloe-Tech™ is the most powerful fungi booster currently available.


  • BioGro Restricted Input 5583
  • An ideal adjunct for microbe multiplication in the soil, on the leaf or during microbe brewing. Biomass increases of over 1000% have been recorded.
  • Contains gibberellins and indole acetic acid which promote cell replication (plant growth).
  • Includes five polysaccharides with considerable capacity for chelation.
  • Contains aloins – aggressive bio-chemicals with a broad-spectrum bio-balancing potential.
  • Features saponins, which are proven plant growth promotants and potent fungi food in the soil.
  • Includes B group vitamins which can also boost plant growth.

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