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A concentrated fusion of natural chelators, PGPs, trace minerals, biostimulants and plant health enhancers.

Brix-Fix™ is a cost-effective yield builder for all crop production (fruit, vegetables and cereals). This breakthrough formulation involves seven proven plant growth promotants, including triacontanol, in a convenient, concentrated liquid. Foliar spray at just 2 L/ha for an impressive low-cost response. Also suitable as a ground application to promote beneficial soil biology and encourage strong, healthy growth.


  • Promotes vigorous plant growth and boosts crop resilience.
  • Relieves plant stress (transplant, pest, heat, frost, storm damage)
  • Encourages flowering and increases fruit size.
  • Stimulates beneficial soil-life.
  • Features the potent photosynthesis enhancer, triacontanol.
  • Contains powerful natural chelating agents.


Foliar Spray Rate:

Vegetables 2 L/ha. Repeat every 10 – 14 days or as required.

Orchards & Vineyards 2 L/ha. Repeat monthly or as required.

Broadacre Crops 2 L/ha in 80 – 100 L of water, depending on canopy closure.

Pasture 2 L/ha in 80 – 100 L of water. Allow 1 week before reintroducing stock to ensure foliage assimilation.

Spot-Spraying 20 mL per 10 L water. Refer to above for spray frequency guide.

Soil Application Rate:

Broadacre 2 L/ha (liquid inject at planting)

Horticulture 10 L/ha (fertigation). Repeat monthly.


4 L per 50 L Part B OR 160 mL per 1000 L of final nutrient mix.


Natural acids, phenolic compounds, amino acids, 74 ocean derived trace minerals, cytokinins, gibberellins, auxins, betaines and mannitol 17.5%

Total Nitrogen (N)0.26%

Total Potassium (K) 1.65%

(S) Magnesium 0.37%

(Mg) 0.15%

SG 1.0

pH 5 – 6

EC 30 – 50

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