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  • $20000

Biologix is now offering zoom (video conference) consultancy service with Daniel Schuurman.

Problem solving, pest and disease identification, discussing soil reports, business plans and crop programs are all subjects that can be discussed. 

The cost of this service is $200 per booking up to 1 hour.

Once a time and date has been booked, email any applicable data for discussion well beforehand so that it can be reviewed ahead of the consultation

About Daniel Schuurman: Distinguished Regenerative Agronomist and Educator. As the director of Biologix, he is at the forefront of regenerative horticulture in Aotearoa New Zealand. His work primarily involves assisting farmers and growers in transitioning to more profitable systems and away from pesticides, focusing instead on soil health and plant microbiology.

He has over 30 years of experience in intensive horticultural growing systems including hydroponics and large scale agriculture.

Daniel works with an extensive range of crops, from ornamental to vegetable and fruit crops as well as pastural farming systems.  



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