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Horti-Tech Foliar Protect™

New Formulation Improved Performance, Double the Strength, Half the application rates, lower costs per hectare

Microbial Enhanced Nutrition

• Healthy, balanced growth
• Powerful plant recovery tool
• Promote Plant I.S.R
• IPM compatible
• No MRLs or with holding periods
• Includes Ca,Mg,N,B
• Prevents Frost Damage as low as -8degC 
• Includes multiple Kelp species
• Beneficial bacteria species
• Fulvic acid

Crop Foliar Spray
Vegetables 12.5-25 L/ha Weekly or as required
Orchards & Vineyards 12.5-25 L/ha Every 2 -4 weeks or as required
Ornamentals 12.5-25 L/ha Every 2 -4 weeks or as required
Turf 12.5-25 L/ha Every 2 -4 weeks or as required
Broadacre Crops 12.5-25 L/ha as required
Pasture 12.5-25 L/ha Autumn and Winter

How it works:

This unique group of beneficial microbes also provide Frost protection for most crops. 

A little know fact is that ice particles form around a nucleus and that nucleus is most often bacteria. We use a beneficial group of organisms that out compete these Ice nucleating bacteria, and this is very effective at reducing virtually all frost damage from crops. It has proven more effective than wind, water or frost cloth as these rely on altering the temperature not the cause of the frost damage.

To show you how ice forms there is a clever little clip showing chilled but unfrozen pure water that they add these Ice nucleating bacteria too, watch here

Beneficial Microbes: The Horti-Tech Foliar Protect™ product is based on a range of task specific beneficial microbes. These perform a wide range of tasks, such as nitrogen fixation, solubilise nutrients,improve crop resilience against pest and disease attack by stimulating the plants immune system response, competing with and antagonising pathogens.


Three Species of Kelp, Laminaria, Sargassum, and Ascophyllum Nodosomprovide very high levels of Auxins, Gibberrellic Acid, and Cytokinins along with a very wide range of nutrition.
Fulvic Acid: Increases nutrient uptake through cell desensitisation, promotes growth in low light conditions as it works as an electrolyte, supports beneficial bacteria, natural chelating agent. Increases crop yields and quality.

Compatibility: compatible with most inputs, except products that are highly alkaline or contain Phosphorus.
Use by: The contents are stabilised, and are good for 12 months unopened, but contain a high level of organic components to support and sponsor microbial life, so once opened should be used promptly.
Storage: Store in a cool environment away from direct sunlight to maximise shelf life.
Horti-Tech Range™: The Horti-Tech Foliar Protect™ is designed to be alternated with the Horti-Tech Foliar Boost™ and used in conjunction with a soil and root health program using the Horti-Tech Root Boost™ product in the soil or media around the root zone. They can be used with conventional programs to help reduce the amount of pesticide required or used on their own in a totally biological approach.

 Typical Analysis:

Calcium 3.1%

Magnesium 0.5%

Nitrogen 2.8%

Boron 312 ppm

Sulphur 98 ppm

Biologix Sudo-Shield


Three Species of Kelp, Laminaria, Sargassum, and Ascophyllum Nodosomprovide very high levels of Auxins, Gibberrellic Acid, and Cytokinins.

Fulvic Acid


Do not tank mix with BAM or Aureo Gold


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