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Nutri-Life Myco-Force™ 5kg 

Naturally-occurring, bio-balancing fungal species to assist in the recovery of previously affected insect damaged plants.

Myco-Force™ is a talc-based formulation containing the beneficial fungal species Beauveria bassianaMetarhizium anisopliae, and Lecanicillium lecanii. The inclusion of these three species together in one product may prove to be extremely effective.


  • Australian Certified Organic (ACO) Registered Farm Input 456AI.
  • May help in reducing the use of toxic chemicals.
  • Product can be used right up to harvest time.
  • Based upon naturally occurring fungi & bacteria.
  • Applicable at all developmental stages.
  • A powerful probiotic


Foliar Application: 1 kg/ha or 5 grams per L of water for spot spraying. Apply as required.

Soil Application: 333g/ha. Soil Drenching (for small areas with a watering can): 5 grams per L of water. Note: Initial frequent applications may be required to established beneficial soil fungal populations, however for routine use allow 2 weeks between applications.

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